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YOGA Garden Kids Club – In a Kids Club session, we will learn breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation techniques, journaling, we will dance and sing. We will also learn different poses (asanas), the stories behind the poses and how to move into them safely in an age appropriate way.
Our own yoga practice will only benefit from our kids learning about it in their own space. If they have more knowledge and mindfulness about it, they will respect it more, and start to develop their own practice.
This 30 min. class, taught by Stephanie, is for ages 5-9. It is taught in 5 week sessions and requires preregistration.
Please bring your children to class in clothing that is comfortable and that they can move and stretch in. Please come to the first session a little early to finish the registration process. Please contact Stephanie at stephanie.loes@gmail.com to register. /// Thursdays 4:30 – 5:15 pm and Saturdays 10:30 –  11:15 am

YOGA Garden Playdate – This is a 45 minute yoga class where your little ones are invited to participate in the practice or play in the back lounge area.  This is fun opportunity to get some time on the mat for yourself, have fun with your child and get to know other families.  No previous yoga experience is necessary and will be safe even for mamas that have been given the go ahead by their care providers to start exercising again after birth.  Yoga Garden Playdate is available to children ages 0-2 and their caretakers! /// Wednesdays 11:0-11:45 am

YOGA Garden Littles – For kids ages 3-5. In this class, the Sprouts will be learning what yoga is through stories, songs and play. Sprouts will be taught in 5 week sessions and pre-registration is required. $30/child for the a 5 week session. Pre-registration required.